Archeus Entertainment - Showcase Your Films
By Andrew Wills
Sep 27, 2004, 16:55

Archeus Entertainment is providing free and unlimited webspace to filmmakers to upload their films to, in order to showcase them to the public.

If you are interested visit the site here:

So if you want your film to be available for the world to see on the Archeus Entertainment website then simply submit it to us using our simple submission form.

We also have a massive resource section for filmmakers, with tutorials, essays, articles, company listings, with forums too. Along with that we have up to date film news and reviews from the industry.

We're not just doing this for filmmakers, we are also supporting Animators, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Musicians and Computer Game developers, so if you are one of these then check out our website and send us your media!

Everything is for free, the reason were doing this is to simply start a community of media artists that want to help each other get to the top!

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