BLANK the movie releasing worldwide 3.21.09
By Ricky Leroy Bodkin
Feb 16, 2009, 19:01

Rick L. Winters the writer director producer of the feature film “BLANK” has made the decision to release the film worldwide on March 21, 2009 making it available on all platforms, DVD, online streaming and for free on all the bit torrent sites for everyone to enjoy.

It is our concept that if people like the movie they will go back and make a donation at thus allowing us to make another film and release it in the same manner. Basically the consumer pays what they think the film was worth to them and in return they will receive a newsletter with a web forum so they can follow us through pre production, production and post production of our next feature. After the credits of the movie end they will get to see a trailer for one of the next features we are planning to film. The amount of donations will depended on which of our six movies we will be filming next. All the links will be available on a variety of websites all over the web, such as and around 30 others.

Several of the largest bit torrent sites including Mininova will not only be carrying and hosting the film but they will be advertising on their front page with over 35 million unique visitors a month. This site combined with the other bit torrent sites will expose the film to more that 60 million viewers alone. This is the revolution on independent film self distribution. Rick L. Winters is also writing a book about the whole process to help guide others who wish to distribute their films in the same way.


Johnny (D’Angelo Midili) as a young boy witnesses the violent death of his parents and older sister. Twenty years later he finds himself involved with organized crime with his adoptive father a small local crime boss. While watching a poker game with men who work for his adoptive father he overhears who murdered his family and the wheels start turning in his mind set on revenge. Over the next twenty hours he plans his revenge making it up as he goes through his day. He picks up his adoptive father from prison, solicits assistance from his stoner friend. On his journey he becomes unwittingly involved with a pair of serial killers JACK (Jason Adkins) and JILL (Darlene Sellers). Throughout his day he meets an array of characters living separate lives until their paths cross in a bizarre and shocking end.

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