24 Hour Film Festival
By Downtown Community Television
Jun 13, 2006, 07:36

Downtown Community Television is proud to host the first annual 24 Hour Film Festival, 24 straight hours of the best independent films around; from socially-conscious documentaries to experimental videos, from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, you’re sure to see something fresh and fantastic. The festival kicks off at the historic DCTV firehouse in downtown Manhattan, July 7th at 7:30pm, followed by 24 hours packed with films, food, rooftop screenings, special guest programs and much more!

Event Date: 7/7/2006- 7/8/2006
Location: Downtown New York
87 Lafayette
New York, NY 10013

Organization: Downtown Community Television
Contact: Jesse Garrison
Phone: 212.966.4510 x230


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