New Online Telelvision Network Launching January 1 2006
By John Lime
Nov 9, 2005, 10:52

WEBSITE TO LAUNCH ON JANUARY 1, 2006 is a start up enterprise focusing on the development and production of creative programming for the web. offers its viewers a plethora of original programming such as short films, movie features,
news, animation, games, news, Hotties in Realtime and more.

SelfMadeTV, Inc. is an upstart online television network launched by Roget Romain, Eric Feldman, and Victor Roytman.

Roget Romain, President of says, serves up a fresh concept to video and music via the web. With hundreds of thousands of viewers,
the site is growing everyday. We offer our expanding community unique and provocative programming from up and coming film makers, artists, comedians, entrepreneurs and others. is the future of TV. is a community of some of today?s most talented filmmakers,DJ?s, artists and athletes. SelfMadeTV is a public forum that allows its members to exchange ideas, to grow and to expand their knowledge. At SelfMadeTV, we give our members an opportunity to promote and sell their CD's and DVD titles through our exclusive SelfMade Distribution line. unique radio channel offers viewers exclusive music from today?s hot new artists as well as interviews with the biggest stars from Hip-Hop to Rock . It will also showcase its own VJ?s.

SelfMade TV will also have a retail outlet that will enable viewers to order direct. Catalogs. The catalogs will be created and sent via email to our growing community. will also offer online and offline distribution to our top rated programs via retail distribution through Navarre/ Studio.

SelfMadeTV is a new vehicle of entertainment for the masses. SelfMade will grow as its membership grows in order to offer something for everyone.

SelfMade Radio is currently featuring the underground sounds of the Bash Brothers with DJ Mickey Knox and DJ Concept from Sirius Radio.

Right now you can also catch FDTV on, Madd Links of Rap City from BET and the African King of Comedy Michael Blackson.

Join and start a movement. Revolutionize your own future and let SelfMadeTV be a part of it.

If you have programming that you want submit please mail to:

SelfMadeTV Inc
P.O. Box 1647
New York, NY 10150.

We Accept:
Mini DV
Quicktime (Must be e-mailed to)

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