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Aug 11, 2005, 18:23


Los Angeles, CA – Get ready for more family fun, feuds and the Gotti’s first trip to the old country(!) as A&E Network readies itself for the Season 3 premiere of GROWING UP GOTTI, on Monday, August 22, 9pm ET/8pm CT. The series that brought the day-to-day goings on of the straight talking, loving, fascinating and always surprising mom, Victora Gotti, will bring more stories and excitement in season 3. The Hotti Gottis, Carmine, John and Frank, are off on new life adventures… just everyday teenage boy stuff…

This season starts with big life changes, as John graduates from high school and tells Victoria that he wants to move away from home for college. She's glad he's turning into a responsible kid, but she's not sure she's ready to let him go. To celebrate his graduation, Victoria throws John a huge, star-studded party. The party isn't John's only gift: Victoria announces that, in honor of his graduation, and their last summer together as a family, the entire Gotti crew is going to Italy to explore their roots!

In Part II of the premiere, things are crazier than ever at the Gotti house, as the family gets ready for their big trip to Italy: packing, prepping, getting passports, and stocking up on piles of hair product. And while Victoria scrambles to leave the house, someone else is moving in: her sister, Angel, who has to motivate hapless handyman Luigi to finish renovating the guest house for her before he leaves for the trip. Although the family barely makes their flight on time, they finally head to Italy, full of excitement and anticipation.

In Italy, the Gottis experience culture shock, as they struggle with the language, the money, and the ladies. In Rome, John, Carmine and Frankie work through sibling rivalry in Gladiator school -- complete with authentic Roman costumes. The boys also enjoy the Palio di Siena, a dangerous and dramatic horse race through the streets of Sienna. As for Victoria, she gets to practice her cooking with real Italian chefs, in between bickering with Robert, who's driving her slowly crazy. Everyone gets artistic at a life drawing class, where the boys particularly enjoy sketching a nude female model….although they aren't nearly as pleased with the next model, a nude man. But nothing's as shocking as Luigi modeling a red Speedo on the beaches of Tuscany.

Opening historically closed doors into a very private world, A&E Network premiered its real-life series, GROWING UP GOTTI this past August as the most watched series on the net to date, and it has been a ratings success and rabid fan favorite ever since. GROWING UP GOTTI will continue to reveal Victoria’s intriguing life as she continues to attempt to balance work, the dating scene, and of course, her boys.

Executive Producers for A&E are Nancy Dubuc and Robert Sharenow. The Executive Producers are Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton, Banks Tarver, Victoria Gotti, Judith Regan and Bill Stanton. GROWING UP GOTTI is produced by GRB Entertainment for A&E Network.

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