Indie film, “MINDS OF TERROR / CREEPIES double feature!”
By Eric Spudic, Silver Dog Cinema
Mar 21, 2005, 10:40

“MINDS OF TERROR / CREEPIES double feature!”

On Saturday, March 26th, starting at 7 PM, we’ll be showcasing two indie horror features ­ MINDS OF TERROR and CREEPIES. The event will take place at the Studio Stage, located at 520 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004.

If you wanna avoid the highway, take Ventura Blvd. to Santa Monica Blvd., turn left, then turn right on North Western Ave.. It’s there on the left within a few blocks.

The building does have a small parking lot in back. There will be NO TALKING during the movies. Cell phones must also be turned off.

Starting at 7:00, MINDS OF TERROR stars Joe Estevez, Robyn Griggs, and Conrad Brooks. It was directed by Mark Adams and produced by Chris Watson. A suspenseful, atmospheric movie shot for nickels and dimes! SEE Joe Estevez sweat like he’s never sweat before! From the guys who brought you ZOMBIEGEDDON! Tentative appearance by Joe Estevez, schedule permitting.

Then around 8:30 we’ll begin a barrage of short films, trailers, and music videos. Beginning at 9:00 is CREEPIES, starring Ron Jeremy, Joe Haggerty, Phoebe Dollar, Carl Washington, Vincent Bilancio, Eric Flenner, Lisa Jay, and Jeff Ryan. It was directed by Jeff Leroy, produced by David Sterling, and written by Eric Spudic. Gigantic robot spiders terrorize Hollywood! Massive gore and massive explosions!

We’re expecting quite a few filmmakers, actors, and writers to attend, so hey, even if you don’t enjoy the movies it’s a great way to mingle with your idols. Admission is FREE. This is open invitation, so the number of guests you’re allowed to bring is unlimited.
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