A Penny Short Announces Contest Winners
By A Penny Short
Feb 17, 2004, 16:13


1st Place
Michaelangelo by Laurelei Armstrong

Cardinal Salviati is concerned that Michelangelo's intimate connection to his work might convey that he was of the homosexual persuasion. He sends men to Florence to interview Michelangelo's friends. They learn the compelling story of his life, piece by piece, period by period.

2nd Place
Healing Marie by James Ossi

Marie, a young, beautiful, talented, and highly delusional musician makes her way to New York to fulfill her dream of attending Julliard. There she falls in love with an insane inventor, Ocee, while trying to cope with her own delusions.

3rd Place
Divine Wind by Nick Lawrence

After World War II, Marine Mark Reid is assigned to investigate a Japanese kamikaze pilot in order to prove that his commanding officer committed a war crime. The story of Yukio unfolds piece by piece, helping Mark come to terms with his behavior during the war.

Honorable mentions go out to:

Anne & Mary by Betsy Rieken
Flora Sandes KGS by Aimee Lamb
Ghostcatcher by Lorelei Armstrong
Hero by Shirley Warke
Holy War by David Ho
Liphe Inc. by John Padden Racine
A Minor Second - Tina Cesa Ward
Mt. Pleasant MI by Michael McDowell
Where is that Wind Blowing From? by Ilja Obretenov

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