Script Savvy Contest Finalist Options Screenplay
By Donna White
Apr 5, 2007, 18:37

First-time screenwriter Kenneth Shelden has optioned his screenplay The Playwright with iLine Entertainment.

iLine is a sponsor of the Script Savvy Screenplay Competition and discovered Kenneth when his logline was sent to them as a Top 10 Finalist in the contest. They requested to read his script and a match was made.

The Playwright is an unsettling, intelligent thriller about an agoraphobic writer who finds himself trapped inside his apartment and possibly losing his mind.

Kenneth Shelden has been in the Navy for 3 1/2 years but still finds time to write. He attributes his inspiration to dreams in which charcters come to him with complete storylines and plots.

Script Savvy wishes the best of luck to Kenneth and iLine as the project moves forward.

Contest info: Script Savvy Screenplay Competition

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