Pages to Pictures Contest Announces Winners
By Katrina Wilson, Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival
Feb 4, 2007, 13:15

The 2006 Contest Winners are:


"Strip Poker"
Written by Alex D'Lerma, Los Angeles, California

Two poker hustlers and a casino cocktail waitress enter a high stakes game of strip poker. As the humor and tension mounts, it's clear that someone is going to lose more than just their clothes in this off-beat hilarious romp.

"...a wonderful comedic piece. Well-defined characters, tight, and a FUN Script"


#1: "The Sweatshop Verses"
Written by Jason Kellett, Simpsonville, SC

"Ingenious concept and execution. Honestly, one of the best shorts we've ever read. Wildly smart and original."

#2: "Davis X Mockingbird"
Written by Jason Kellett, Simpsonville, SC and Jeff Newman, Greer, SC

"A parody of the 'Deus Ex Machina' concept, used by bad writers since the time of the Greek tragedies. Funny, smart, and Shootable. This writer is a smart cookie."

#3: "Supermodels"
Written by Shae Wilhite, Las Vegas, NV

"Humorous and well executed. A real showpiece for four stunning starlets, it takes the power of beauty and turns it upside down."

#4: "Death Takes Brucie"
Written by Charlotte Barnes, Navarre, Florida

"Very funny concept that would resonate well with audiences."

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