By The Writers Place
Dec 3, 2006, 09:36

The Writers Place is pleased to announce the finalists, in both the full-length and teleplay/short competitions, for the period of May through October 2006. The order in which the below works are listed is no indication of preference.

Full-Length Screenplays:

Daniel Payne—Crimson Highway
Rebecca Fulgoney—Strange Meeting
Jonathan Harnisch—Angst
Bruce Dundore—Bye Bye Moon
Bruce Dundore—Mackinac
Thomas Potter—Stone Groove
Tod & Ethan Tussey—Shot Rock
Alexis & Rudy Croyle—Complicated Lies
Lane Baker—The Taking of Lex
Per Muhlow & Anders Rasmusson—Tight
Michael Beemer—No Good Deed…Final
Christopher Meyer—Nineveh
Anita Skibski—Mine
Actor Cordell—Widow’s Island
Phil Marley—Limbo
Susan James—Some Things Never Change
Donna Lisa—Kheng Kheng Crocodile
Skin Mead—Hope Now

Teleplay/Short Screenplays:

Kitania Kavey—Script Pitch
Mary Carroll-Hackett—Outer Banks
Alan Baxter—The Crossing
Jason Kellerman—Memoire Noire
Katarzyna Kochany—Dust Bunnies
Diana Kemp-Jones—Millennium’s Child
Diana Kemp-Jones—Urchin
Carrie Certa—Maggie
Joe Randazzo—Witness
J.C. Samuels—The Company Store
Robert Heske—Adam’s Deadline
Robert Heske—Her First Day Alone

Competition winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd), in both the full-length and teleplay/short categories, will be announced on January 1, 2007.

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