PAGE Award Winning TV Writer Hired by CBS
By Page Award
Sep 7, 2006, 08:36

Janet Lin, winner of the 2005 PAGE Silver Prize for her TV Drama pilot FUTURE PERFECT, has been signed by Gersh and is working on a new Warner Bros./CBS series. Janet writes:

ďIím now a staff writer on the CBS show WATERFRONT, about a colorful mayor in Providence (played by Joey Pants). Iím repped by Gersh. Met them early in the year, got sent on meetings in early spring, then was staffed by May. Amazing, eh?! I still canít believe it.Ē

More good news from PAGE Award winning writers Ö

Hungarian producer/director Miklos Philips of Point Zero Pictures has hired PAGE Bronze Prize winner Drina Connors Kay to write a feature script based on an original idea by Philips.

Gold Prize winner Keith Ray Putman has been hired by the Scandinavian production company Sonet Film to write THE HUNT. The movie is scheduled to be shot in late winter/spring of 2007 for a Christmas release.

The 2004 Bronze Prize winning comedy LA CUCINA, by Kathryn Scott, has been optioned by Kaldor Productions (in association with Kaliper Films) in L.A. Producer Laurence N. Kaldor discovered LA CUCINA on InkTip.

Janyce LaPoreís Silver Prize winning drama SCREAMING MY HEART OUT has been optioned by Emmy Award winning producer Mitchell Galin, whose credits include the Sci-Fi miniseries DUNE, Stephen Kingís THE LANGOLIERS, THE NIGHT FLIER, and THE STAND.

These talented screenwriters join the growing list of PAGE success stories. In the past two years, over a dozen PAGE Award winning writers have landed writing assignments, secured representation, and signed option agreements on their winning scripts.

This yearís winners will be announced on Friday, September 15th.

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