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Feb 12, 2004, 10:51

Los Angeles, California - January 30th, 2003 - The 2003 Hollywood Gateway Contest included a great number of imaginative and well-crafted entries, but after the dust settled Matthew Flynn’s script Magnet stood head and shoulders above the rest. Magnet is a fresh and original story, well written and easily translatable to the screen ­ a script producers will love!

A native of Los Angeles, Matthew Flynn graduated from NYU Film School. He has developed video games for Disney, and written numerous travel articles, including a recent feature on South Africa for Los Angeles Family Magazine.
Matthew likes to write his scripts quickly, in about a month, then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! “Every scene needs a reason to exist,” says Matthew. This dedication to continue honing a screenplay to improve it has really paid off! Without question this quirky, yet highly marketable script will excite the attention of agents and studios alike.

Matthew Flynn had never entered a screenwriting contest before. When he Received the email telling him that his script had placed him a finalist he “thought my friends were messing with me.” Matthew appreciates what winning
First Prize did for his writing psyche: “The biggest issue for a writer is that you write in a vacuum, so this prize is a great objective response to my story and characters,” he says.

Entering the contest has giving him yet another perspective: “The greatest part about this contest is that it takes only ten minutes to submit your script and then you can forget about it. Where else, without an agent, can
you get your script read by people who have the power to make the big decisions and get a project made?”

As part of his Prize Package, Matthew takes home a $5,000 check, and Final Draft 6. In addition he is gearing up for meetings with top agents and producers.

Congratulations to the finalists whose work set them apart from the pack. Each of the following finalists will receive a number of valuable and useful prizes:

David Warnock: Bull Comb Blues
Peter Walsh: Citations
Spencer Beglarian: The Performance
John Morby Jr.: Sandman
Matt McIntyre: Jack’ed
Toby Barlow: The Script Doctor
Kai Bowe: Why Men Like Dogs

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