The Screenplay A SPRING MORNING has Won two Awards at Film Festivals
By Boulder Asian Film Festival
Jun 10, 2006, 09:18

The short-script (40mn) "A SPRING MORNING" (Un Matin de Printemps) by Lou Ma Ho (Marc-Olivier Louveau) has won the Honorable Mention for the Best Screenplay to the Boulder Asian Film Festival in Colorado (USA) september 6-10, 2006.

This screenplay has been selected at:

- Gloria Film Festival Screenplay Competition
(Salt Lake City - Aug 2006)

- Semi-Finalist at the Nolita International Film Festival
(New York - Dec 2005)

In Vietnam, he who was a great Master and almost blind came to find a disciple amongst the children of a fisherman, found himself instead of a disciple and saw a little more clear.

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