PAGE Award-Winning Screenwriters Hired
By PAGE Int'l Screenwriting Awards
May 26, 2006, 17:13

Irish author Martin McSweeney, winner of a 2005 PAGE Award for his thriller LIVING FOR YESTERDAY, has been hired by Fastnet Films in Dublin to adapt his new book into a screenplay. Martin writes:

"I wanted you to know that my novel TWO WEEKS IN JUNE has been optioned by Fastnet Films here in Ireland, and because of my prize with you, they have hired me to write the screenplay. Išm working on a treatment for them at
the moment."

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Rob Frisbee, author of the 2005 PAGE Award-winning action flick ABSOLUTION, has landed a writing assignment with Kopelson Entertainment (producers of SE7EN, THE FUGITIVE, PLATOON). Rob writes:

"As a result of my prize with you, Ryan Engel of Kopelson Entertainment found ABSOLUTION on InkTip. He loved the writing but didnšt think the story was right for them, but our meetings led to me writing a script for them on
a story idea they had in development."

These two screenwriters join a growing list of success stories from the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. In the past two years, over a dozen PAGE Award-winning writers have landed script assignments, secured representation, and signed option agreements on their winning screenplays. Producers, agents, and development execs cite the PAGE Awards as one of the best sources for new screenwriting talent, both within the Hollywood
community and worldwide.

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