Hollywood Nexus Announces Contest Winner
By Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest
Mar 20, 2006, 10:30

The Hollywood Nexus has announced the winner, finalist, and semi-finalists of their 4th Annual Contest.

Contest Winner
"Control; Alt; Delete"
by David R. Flores

Contest Finalists:

"Final Draft" by JoŽl Doty
"Norman 6" by Kevin Rush
"Voices" by Susan Klos
"Mine Games" by Sheila Brothers and Roxanne M. Marchand
"The Amazing Everlasting Tesla Coil" by Suzanne Studer Iselt

Contest Semi-Finalists

"Team Poodle" by Mark Saunders
"Eke'Bolos" by Stephen C. Settle
"Desert Galleon" by Don L. Taylor
"Charles & Kathryn" by Traci Carroll
"The Shift" by Kevin Rush
"Roundhouse" by Charlie Jett
"Outbound" by Ora Munter
"Ultraviolet Child" by James Ossi
"Sneakers: The Horse Who Wore Tennis Shoes" by Laura Pasten
"The Afghan File" by Arthur Kasper
"The Missing Link" by Mark McQuown
"Healing Marie" by James Ossi
"Who'" by James Ossi

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