The PAGE Awards: More Success Stories
By PAGE Int'l Screenwriting Awards
Mar 28, 2006, 17:42

After winning the Grand Prize in the 2005 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition, Larry Postel was hired by Vancouver producer Andrew Van Slee to write the comedy-horror-spoof CREEPY MOVIE. The script is now completed and the movie is officially in pre-production, listed in the Variety production charts and on IMDB. Larry writes: “After all these years, I’m actually getting one of my screenplays produced! I definitely attribute this success to the PAGE win.”

In fact, Van Slee is so pleased with the finished script, he has already hired Larry to write another movie. And the icing on the cake: Larry's comedy spec THE ROAD TO INTERCOURSE has just been optioned by L.A. producer Jay So.

Meanwhile, Sarah Skibinski reports that she has just optioned her 2005 Gold Prize winning drama GO AHEAD, BACK UP to New York producer Sarah Knight of Jo Films. Sarah writes: “I couldn't be happier! Not just that the script has been optioned, but also because it really feels like it's going into the right hands -- a double bonus! Thanks for creating such an invaluable opportunity for first time writers!”

These two screenwriters join the growing list of PAGE Awards success stories. In the past two years, over a dozen of our award-winning writers have landed writing assignments, secured representation, and signed option agreements on their winning scripts. Producers, agents, and development execs laud the PAGE Awards competition as one of the best sources for new screenwriting talent within the Hollywood community and worldwide.

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