Extreme Screenplay Contest has announced their Finalists
By Extreme Screenplay Contest
Jan 18, 2006, 09:50

FINALISTS (in no particular order)

Mike McGeever – Smilers
Eric Sentell – Nature of the Beast
Michael Makin – Reunion Robbers
Douglas J. Raymond – The Rainbow
Lane Baker – The Taking of Lex
Stephen Leach – HoneyTrap
Elizabeth Winstead – Blonds
Eric Sentell – I Married A Porn Star
Thomas C. Williams – English-Turn, Detour-Anglois
Claire Riley – Mrs. Feldschreiber, Secret Agent
Monique Reed – Game of Life
Keith Reagan – Walk on Water
David W. Bertoni – The Stunning Box
Jerry Johnson – Andersen County
Kevin M. Kraft – TopWorld
Chuck Pollycutt – ‘Til the Roses Bloom
Candace Brasseur – True Colors
D. Jay Williams – Semper Fi

HONORABLE MENTION (in no particular order)

Curt Samlaska – The Reluctant First Gentleman
Curt Samlaska – Terminal Cascade
David Eskin – Journey of the Heart
Mark Saunders – Pinot Grits & Curly Fries
Robin Warder – Once Upon a Time in Canada
Stephen O’Brien – Postcards from Nana
Peter Fraser - Mitts
Eric Sentell – Mystic Island
Jeon Razvani – Blood Chronicles
Don Taylor – Desert Galleon
Matthew Pastush – Dragon Quest
Matt Wittig – Loch Ness
Jill Miller – Out of Her Element
Jason Hurton – Feud
Thomas Huston – Sweet Little Soul
P. Kent McAllister – Sympathy for the Devil
Lori Queirolo – The Moving
Stephen Treen – Restless in Peace
Peter Fraser – Grim Retirement
Stephen Leach – Shakedown
Stephen Leach – Flipside
Mike Murphy – Lizzie Fox
Michael Pallotta – Giancarlo
James Ossi – Ultraviolet Child
Michael Tsang – Adam’s Birthday
Steve Weissman – First Tuesday, November
James Ossi – Healing Marie
Nate Goddard – Children of Wrath
Melody Reams – The Audition
Alfredo L. Adlawan – The Crumbling
Donald Mazzoni – The First Men in the Moon
Royce Besteda – Lucky Lucero
David Mince – Phases
Michael Hartnett – Khe Sanh
Tom Stella – Catharsis
D. Jay Williams – The Spartan

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