Horror Screenplay Competition Announces Winners
By Horror Screenplay Competition
Jan 27, 2006, 08:51

The Winners Are:

Brad Thorne anf Billy Grubbs from Sherman Oaks, California on their winning screenplay, Morrilton County.

Each of these scripts will be sent out to at least 5 industry executives. (agents, producers, managers).

-The Moving by Lori M. Queirolo
-Silo 13 by Keith Ray Putman
-Viral by Mark Elliot Kratter

Semi-Finalists (These listings are in no particular order)
-From A Place Of Darkness by Scott Kenyon Barker
-Tormor Island by Sandra Murillo and Elise Salomon
-Dead Of Winter by Robert Dorian
-Blue Glass by Ken Henderson
-The Bone Yard by Elmore Newton

Quarter-Finalists (These listings are in no particular order)
-Behind The Mirror by Timothy Kernc
-Midnight Probe by Dave Landau,William D. Prystauk and Don Riemer
-The Clamor Of Christopher Clark by Hollis Ludlow-Carroll and Matt Quinn
-Killing Time by Larry Whatcott
-The Butcher by Evan Marquisee
-Dead Awake by Tyson Reed
-The Stunning Box by David W. Bertoli
-In The Flesh by George S. Mahaffey
-Exposure by Mark Lukens
-Infected by Steve Nolan
-Heartland by Paul Solet
-Beneath The Mask by Robin Warder
-Vampires Of Crippling Creek by David G. Higgins
-The Plantation by Ryan Harris
-The Man In The Hat by Phyllis Allison
-The Shrieking by Michael Cannon
-Trans by Lydia Rawlings
-The Graveside by Ward Benson Rackley
-The Begotten by Gerald Hapeman
-Old Salem Jail by Katie Harding

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