Expose It Announces Screenplay Competition Winners
By Expose It! Comedy Screenplay Competition
Jan 26, 2006, 17:14

The Winners Are:

First Prize Winner:

Magica by Brandon Pines from New York, New York

Second Prize Winners: (These listings are in no particular order)

National Pastime by Lennon Nersenian and Chris Rosenbluth
Mobster Makeover by Gina Brulato
Hells Wedding Bells by Terence Brody

Semi-Finalists: (These listings are in no particular order)

Healing Marie by James Ossi
Pet Pose by Chris Gennusa
24 Hour Bowl by D.L. Brown and Mattew Mouton
Dirty Little Johnny by Steve Balland

Quarter-Finalists: (These listings are in no particular order)

The Goldan Mitzva by Brian Lustig
Self Help by Marybeth Conti
The Clamor of Christopher Clark by Hollis Ludlow,Carroll and Matt Quinn
Lost Vegas by Tyler Meason and Shawn Rapier
Transformation by Mary Hahn
Tabloid by Scott Tell
Stuck In The Eighties by Mark Kessel
Anything But This by Paul McGahan

Honorable Mention: (These listings are in no particular order)

The Rave At Danny Carter's House by Patrick Rodio
Too Cool For School by Chuck Zigman
Camelot by Jeff Charlebois
Trinidead, Colorado by Jon Michale Pompia
That Fucking Bitch by Matthew Healea
Get A Life, Stu! by Frank Barbera
Edge of Reality by Theresa Squires
I Killed Awesome Man by Kevin Colligan
Two For Tuesday by Gregory S. McDonald
Second Chances by Robb T. Hendrickson
Daddy's Little Girl by Yvonne Delet
Woodchuck 3: Final Accountability by Robert Bevan Dalton
Mrs. Feldschreiber, Secret Agent by Claire V. Riley
Double Play by Cameron Larson

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