OneWorldTV & Staying Alive HIV/AIDS PSA Competition 2005
By OneWorldTV
Oct 21, 2005, 16:00

OneWorldTV and MTVís Staying Alive Campaign have teamed up once again to launch this yearís HIV/AIDS PSA competition. This is your opportunity to create a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the subject of HIV/AIDS to communicate one or more issues surrounding the pandemic to a wider audience.

We are asking you to get creative with your video equipment to produce a 30-60 second PSA to inform, inspire and motivate particularly young people on the most important health issue of our time. Public Service Announcements should provide clear information about the issue whilst simultaneously captivating the audience and inspiring them to act.

You will need to be creative, well informed about your subject and passionate about bringing the issue of HIV/AIDS to the publicís attention in new and exciting ways.

The winning PSA will be showcased on the Staying Alive website and the OneWorldTV open documentary platform, plus if it is a really outstanding PSA, it will be broadcast on one or more of MTVís channels. Last yearís winning entry was indeed broadcast on both MTVís Asian channels and the UKís Community Channel, as well as receiving the Staying Alive award. All eligible video entries received will be showcased on the OneWorldTV open documentary platform.


The competition is open to anyone aged between 15 Ė 25 years and can be created using any preferred language.

The aim of this yearís competition is to inform and sensitise young people about the vulnerabilities of women and girls to HIV/AIDS and to prevent new infections, especially among women and girls.

The competition commences at 00:00 (GMT) on September 12th 2005 and ends at 00:00 (GMT) on 1st December 2005.

Submissions must be sent on MiniDV only (preferably PAL) and posted to:

OneWorldTV / Staying Alive AIDS Competition 2005
River House
2nd Floor
143 Ė 145 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom

All submissions must be received by 24:00 (GMT) on 30th November 2005.

Submissions must be accompanied by a fully completed Entry Form (including the Materials Release, Premises Permission and Music Clearance forms), which you can download from website at link below.


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