San Diego Film Festival Announces Screenplay Finalists
By San Diego Film Festival
Aug 28, 2005, 10:44

The top four San Diego Film Festival screenplays have been announced. They are (in no particular order):

THE DEVIL AND HARRY HOUDINI. Logline: Having sold his soul for success, the greatest escape artist of all time must perform the ultimate escape - from hell itself.

GREEN SHAG CARPET GIRLS. Logline: a 16 year-old girl with a troubled home life and dreams of stardom, lies about her age to get a gig at a local club. As her career unexpectedly takes off, her past finally catches up to her.

FELIX THE FLYER. Logline: The most bizarre, memorable and inspirational Marathon in Olympic history was the goal and last hurdle for young Cuban mailman Felix Carvajal, after he ran 1200 miles up the Mississippi River to deliver his unique message to the American people.

NOT HERE, YOU WON'T. Logline: The mayor of a Welsh village enrages the residents by making it illegal to die within town limits. Comedy.

and ... announcing our Student Winner:

HANDMADE GRACE, by Alex Cohn and Brian Buckman. Logline: Three friends and a sharp-tongued 11 year old seek escape from a hostile America - and consensus reality - by lighting out across country on a drug-fueled, reality-bending crime spree.

The Director of Development of Crescent Sky, a new production/management shingle, has requested to read all of the above scripts. The names of the winners will be announced after judging is complete.

Honorable Mentions:

BREAKING THE RULES, by Adam R. Fein. Logline: A young woman kidnaps a famous self-help author, and demands a husband as ransom.

SARA AND THE ELEPHANT, by Garey Riester. Logline: A 25 year old Jewish seamstress hides after the killing of her union organizer brother. Two weeks later she is charged, along with an elephant and an 18 year old Negro League wanna-be, for murder.

MATCH HEAD, by Dennis Lewis. To avenge the death of his family by the hands of a powerful land developer, Boxie McGhee, an extreme adventure guide, turns to eco-arson.

THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS, by Allen Glover. Logline: A young war hero is drawn into the FBI's investigation of a communist spy ring in the early days of the Red Scare.

ZIG ZAG, by Heather Hughes. Logline: Zig Zag rolling papers, roach clips and Buffy and Jody lunch boxes - being nine in 1969 is a bit like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for Sarah C. When Richard, a Shakespeare-quoting drug dealer marries her mother, Sarah fights back.

MITTS, by Peter D. Fraser. Logline: A fiesty eleven year old tomboy comes back from injury, only to learn she has been vindictively dropped by the new head coach. She must now fight the gender bias of Little League baseball to follow her dream.


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