Acclaim Film and TV Announces Winners
By Acclaim Film and TV
Aug 22, 2005, 10:23


POE, by Constantine Athanas
A macabre take on the mysterious death of horror master Edgar Allan Poe and the lifelong distress and madness that led him to it.

LADY BLADE by Catherine Thrush
The daughter of Italy’s premier fencing maestro is forced into a world of piracy and violence, and must fight to regain her family honor.

FELIX THE FLYER by Christopher C. Canole
The inspirational true story of the young Cuban mailman who ran from New Orleans to St. Louis to reach his goal of running in the 1904 Olympic marathon.


SURGE by Susan C. Chappelle
A young woman who was conceived and born during a hurricane grapples with the phenomenon of being a storm magnet.

LEVIATHAN by Kellene Kneale
A nihilistic child prodigy and his daredevil uncle move in together and promptly begin to unravel—until ultimately finding a place in a world all their own.

BLOODSTONES by Julius Ramsay
When an American hunter is hired by a South African diamond monopoly to find a mythical rebel leader, he finds he must choose sides in a world poised on the brink of change.

THE OM FACTOR by Jean Buschmann
A dying physics professor with a bold theory about the nature of reality; a sick child who thinks he’s being visited by people from another dimension; and two soul mates separated by secrets and lies all converge—and change the world.

THE HOLIDAY FLIGHT by Michael Bucklin
As a 16-year-old cadet runs away from his military academy to stop his mother from marrying a bullying real estate broker, his flight is joined by his father, an ex-airline pilot who will do anything to reconnect with his son—except fly a plane.

BETWEEN US by Nancy Delpidio
The story of a young woman’s journey to freedom—from the Berlin Wall and her abusive father—and the building of a tunnel which leads to a reunion with her first and only love.

ALL OF CREATION by Matthew and Jonathan Friedman
A 17-year-old mathematics prodigy who’s been shut away all his life from love and friendship comes to a decision: either this will be the year he finds meaning or the last year of his life.

MIDNIGHTS AND MONKEYS by Melissa Carleton McLeod
A former civil rights activist is haunted by secrets from the past and she’s forced to ultimately reveal them or lose her identity.

A prissy woman in search of a man has a “list” of questions that will tell her if he’s marriage material, but when an ill-mannered fireman shows her what’s important in life she realizes Mr. Wrong may be right for her.

TALK OF THE TOWN by Suzie Halewood
In search of an angle, an ambitious reporter goes on a talk show and dares the host, a confirmed bachelor, to marry her on national TV. They have six months to make America believe they’re made for each other.



ODYSSEY (Pilot) by Lori Queirolo
A team of retrieval experts, led by a Biblical archeologist, race to track down the scattered fragments of a 2,000 year-old prophecy before it can fall into the hands of a murderous order of Old Testament zealots.

THE ELEVENTH HOUR (Pilot) by Lisa, Larissa and Alexandria Olick After he is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a man returns to the family he abandoned years ago.

ON THE BRICKS (Pilot) by Joanna Cohen
An unconventional rehabilitation program brings together a diverse group of people recently released from prison to help them rebuild their lives.

RETURN OF THE KING (Pilot) by Todd Murphy
A comedy in which a freshly paroled Jason King finds he must use his white-collar prison wisdom to reconnect with his family.

TALES FROM EDGE CITY (Pilot) by Jacob Mendelsohn
In the gritty, futuristic domed world of Edge City, a private investigator teams up with a sexy, no-nonsense policewoman to uncover the creator of an addictive and deadly technology.

Creative types butt heads with the “suits” that run everything in an ad agency in Atlanta.

SHOOTING STARS (Pilot) by Lizbeth Finn-Arnold
When a documentary filmmaker marries a rich and famous pop idol, he realizes his relatively peaceful life of obscurity (and his sanity) will be upended every minute.

DANCE ACADEMY (Pilot) by Billy Maddox
A washed up blues singer uses her ghetto smarts to save a dance school run by a snooty Southern belle.


JOAN OF ARCADIA by Julie Austin
“Box Of Chocolates”
God’s assignment for Joan to sell candy ends up saving her neighbor’s life.

SCRUBS by Deron Sedy
“My Deprivation”

TWO AND A HALF MEN by Billy Maddox
“Friends Benefits”

NIP/TUCK by Joey Hargrove
“Amanda Marie Hart”

MEDUIM by Billy Maddox
“Mirror Image”

SCRUBS by Daniel McCoy
“My Fake Family”

SCRUBS by Jon Polansky
“My Big Shoes”

ALIAS by Michael North
“Wish You Were Here”

LOST by Drew Brody

24 by Emily Farache
“11:00 PM – 12:00 AM”

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