Last Chance for William C Martell's Script Secrets Seminar
By Bill Marles
Aug 30, 2005, 17:43

Script Secrets Workshop with William C. Martell

On the weekend of September 17 and the 18th, 2005, William C. Martell brings his acclaimed, celebrated screenwriting seminar from Los Angeles to Robson Square in Vancouver.

Unlike some gurus, Martell is a working professional writer who earns his living writing scripts that sell and are made into films.. Most recently he sold a script last year (SOFT TARGET) which has already shot and is now in post production. Look for it next year.

In all, hes had 18 movies produced and has sold another dozen or so.

Ask yourself. Who else teaches classes and makes a living writing movies? Where else can someone get practical information that is proven to work?

This extraordinary class, which up until now has only been offered in Los Angeles and London, will provide 100s of techniques to improve your writing, focusing on theme, character, creativity, ideas and pacing. Participants get a 120 page workbook with exercises, assignments (homework), forms and additional materials. Martell presents a course focusing on the practical and avoiding theoretical nonsense.

It can benefit beginning, intermediate and advanced screenwriters alike.

William C. Martell is also the West Coast Editor of Scr(i)pt Magazine where he has written the "Independents" screenwriting column for over a decade. Besides being a contributor to Writer's Digest Magazine, and he wrote the book, "The Secrets of Action Screenwriting" . He has been interviewed in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and has been the cover interview in The Hollywood Scriptwriter.

He has given screenwriting classes at the Raindance Film Festival in London, the L.A. Screenwriting Expo, the Austin Film Festival and other significant venues.


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