Collective Filmmaking Project and Community Announced
By Preston Thibadoux
Aug 25, 2005, 16:51

GalapaGo! Film Explosion is filmmaking evolved. Our aim is to develop a community that participates in developing feature-length films collectively. Through a series of online competitions, members and contributors decide what story to tell, how to tell it, and what resources to use. It's natural selection for movies.

Just as the Chinese elephant is evolving into a tuskless creature to combat poaching, the film industry has lost its edge as films are treated more as investments rather than art. This, in turn, has led to a much-publicized decrease in theatre attendance and DVD sales. Coincidentally, an increase in the advancement and availability of broadband Internet technology has been described as the Internet's 'second coming.'

GalapaGo! Film Explosion seeks to capitalize on both of these developments to create active, rather than passive, movie-watchers. Because technology now allows for the ability to easily watch video clips and download screenplays, we aim to utilize the ideas and skills of thousands of people to create a singular film. We are creating a community that develops films and stories that people want to see and be told; participants will have a vested emotional and creative interest in the movies they watch and develop.

The Explosion will be something of a web-based reality show in the vein of American Idol. However, each participant and visitor to the website will craft his or her own personal experience. They will read screenplays, watch director reels, and view actors' auditions. Interactive competitions will first determine the script; viewers will then select the director and art director, cast the roles, and help choose the score.

The film's budget will be comprised of the contest submission fees and several other programs. Contributors will receive a percentage of the film's profits equal to the percentage they invest in the budget.

This initial project will become an annual event within the GalapaGo! community. Members will be also able to develop projects together, share video clips and short films, collectively develop screenplays, and plan productions of their own.

GalapaGo! Film Explosion is a new company rooted equally between independent film and online Internet communities. The founder and operator, Preston Thibadoux, has worked on films as an editor, set designer, and sound designer. His partner owns and operates the largest online graphic arts community.

Contact: Preston Thibadoux

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