By Rosa Graham
Jun 20, 2005, 23:25

Find the Funny is proud to announce the start of its Second Annual Comedy Screenplay Contest -- the only contest that seeks out fresh new comedy screenwriting talent, then honors and promotes the winners. For more about our mission, visit us at:

Why choose our contest?

Our first year was a phenomenal success. We received over 400 scripts from all over the world with more than half of the finalists from outside the Los Angeles area. In the few short weeks since we handed out the first awards, we've received almost 50 requests to read, 7 requests for contact/meeting, and two scripts are presently being optioned. For the latest news on the winners, go to:

Here's what you get

Do you write Comic Horror? Family Comedy? Rom Com? All sub-genres of comedy are eligible. If you are one of the top three winners, you will receive cash ($2,000, $1,000 and $500 respectively) and other great prizes; the Osgood, Find the Funny's custom-designed bobblehead award; a VIP invitation to attend the Find the Funny Awards on April Fool's Day 2006; and of course, a chance to take that next step in your writing career. To see the full list of prizes, go to:

Winning scripts and loglines for the winners, finalists and runners-up will be sent to our exceptional list of production companies, agents and managers. For an updated and complete list of companies, go to:

In addition, the top three winners will be profiled on the Find the Funny website and a list of all winners, finalists, and runners-up will also be posted. Winners will also be publicized in press releases sent to hundreds of media outlets.

Don't Wait!

At last - a contest that honors and promotes the genre that other contests may love to hate - but that movie audiences have always loved to love.

Submit now!

Early Deadline ($40): October 31, 2005
Late Deadline ($50): December 31, 2005

To submit your screenplay, go to:

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