TWP 11-04 Through 04-05 Screenplay Contest Finalists
By The Writers Store
Jun 6, 2005, 10:06

The Writers Place is pleased to announce the finalists, in both the full-length and teleplay/short competitions, for the period of November 2004 through April 2005. The order in which the blow works are listed is no indication of preference.

Full-length Screenplays:

Timothy OíReilly ≠ Beyond the Blue Wall
Jean Hunter ≠ Lady Jazz
David Farmer & Richard J. Farmer ≠ Stringers
Laura E. Grabowski ≠ Dating Santaís Daughter
Tom Tefft & J.C. Tefft ≠ Indiscriminate Behavior
Lisa Sirkis & John R. Thompson ≠ Stung
Bradley Andrews & David Blacker ≠ Greystoked
Jacqueline Donelli & Kerry Donelli ≠ What You Donít Know, Jack
Jey Lee Vega & John Paul Fiol ≠ CL22V8 Clavical: Falcons vs. Acroides
James Ossi ≠ Healing Marie

Teleplay/Short Screenplays:

Jim Falletta ≠ A Boy, A Family and Some Keys
Fred Leo ≠ Product Placement
James Tuverson ≠ Hours Before Dawn
Robert M. Heske ≠ Psychosis
Parker Briscoe ≠ Folklore
Herbert C. Higginbotham ≠ Fifteen Miles
D. Jay Williams ≠ Selling Seattle

Competition winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd), in both the full-length and teleplay/short categories, will be announced during the first week of July 2005. Congratulations and good luck to all.

The Writers Place is now accepting full-length and teleplay/short screenplays for its May 2005 through October 2005 screenplay competition.
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