People's Pilot Finalists Chosen
By People's Pilot
Jan 22, 2004, 10:43

The Finalists for the 7th People's Pilot have been chosen: BEST MEDICINE by David Bass, MD - Drama

CASTLE QUEST by Dylan Brody - Sports

DETROIT CENTRAL by Kevin C. Sielky - Drama

DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB by Roxanne Gullikson & Ron Figaretto - Reality

EMBASSY by Andrew Leslie Malmed - Drama

FALLING ROCKS by Scott E. Blumenreich - Sitcom

GOOD BEHAIOR by Julie A. Driscoll - Sitcom

HEAVEN HELP ME by Jack A. Bennett - Sitcom

HOPE'S SECOND CHANCE by Melissa Alexander - Drama

LOCK ME UP by Frank Maduli - Reality

NEED TO KNOW by Melissa Alexander - Current Events

ONSLAUGHT by Martin Poirier - Sports

PSYCH WARD CHRONICLES by Kevin C. Sielky - Documentary

RULES OF THE ROAD by Cindy Boucher - Sitcom

SOUL KEEPER by Ebony Holland - Drama

SPENDING MY KIDS INHERITANCE by Stephenie R. Ruffin -Sitcom

THE EL DORADOS by Barbara Blomquist - Drama

THE FAR BANK OBSERVER by Kenneth Kern - Drama

THE HIT MAKERS by Kenneth Kern - Reality

TRAVELER: H.G. WELLS 'THE TIME MACHINE' by Adam Campbell - Drama

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