Get Initiative Scriptwriting Contest Announces 2004 Winners
By Writing Initiative
Dec 14, 2004, 14:31

After much distress and bloodshed, the Summer 2004 Get Initiative Scriptwriting Contest finalists have been announced:

1. Tangier Tango - T.K. Elimore, Blacksburg VA

2. Turtle Master and the Art of Walking - Andrew Bennett, Sterling VA

3. A Secret Place - Roger Edwards Jr, Cary NC

4. Blurry - Nessa Hawkins, Chandler AZ

5. Boo Hoo Flanagan - Robert Gately, Bethlehem PA

The competition for the Top Five was fierce, so please tip your proverbial hats to the Honorable Mentions:

The Priestess - Jorge Lomastro, Coventry RI

The Pumpkin Papers - John White, Goshen IN

The Widower - Ryan Laforge, Atlanta GA

Carte Blanche - T..K. Elimore

Blink - Andrew Bennett

Hat Trick and The Ed Dennehy Story (part 1) - Robert Gately

Madness and Roses - Loretta Ivory, Centennial CO

There was one entry that should have been included in the Honorable Mention section .... but it's more than that .... it was so wild, so different .... so freakin cool that it prompted the creation of a "Judge's Choice" award:

UltraViolet Child - James Ossi, Darien CT

And last but not least, the Top Three in the Short Script division.

1. Things to Keep Track Of - Dru E. Vratil

2. My People - Roger Edwards Jr

3. Horny Fish and Second Hand Smoke - Ken Cohen

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