Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest Announces its 2004 Grand Prize Winner
By Hollywood Gateway
Oct 27, 2004, 16:18

Los Angeles, California - October 27th, 2004 – The Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest is always flooded with great material, but this year’s winner was lengths ahead of the competition. Kipp Koenig’s Lost in His Prime is an inventive script that puts a comedic twist on the idea that artists are only appreciated after their death. Sure to be adored by producers and actors looking for a rich leading role, Lost in His Prime has the potential to be a comedic blockbuster.

This year’s grand prize winner is proof that not all screenwriters have to live in Los Angeles. Kipp moved to New York in 1990 to pursue musical theater writing. Screenwriting became a natural extension, and led him to create his winning script. “Winning this contest is a much needed and very welcome validation of my work,” Says Kipp. “This will be a powerful tool to help push through those inevitable future moments of doubt and insecurity.”

The Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest helps bring great writers to the attention of industry insiders that have the power to make script dreams a reality. Kipp offers words of encouragement to fellow writers: “The Hollywood Gateway screenwriting contest proves the theory that the key to getting noticed as a writer in this business is the quality of your material and not just who you know. If you write a great script, people will eventually seek you out. So relax and get to work.”

As part of his Prize Package, Kipp takes home a $5,000 check against a $100,000 option agreement, and Final Draft 7. In addition he is gearing up for meetings with top agents and producers.

Congratulations to the finalists whose work set them apart from the pack. Each of the following finalists will receive a number of valuable and useful prizes:

Jaine Foster-Valdez: Hide in Plain SightBarbara Marshall: Laugh: The Life of Melvin GovernerDave Weisbord: The Jazz GuitaristLarry Williams: Future Tense

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