The 4th Annual Shriekfest Film Festival was a Huge Success
By Shriekfest Film Festival
Oct 28, 2004, 09:07

The 4th Annual Shriekfest Film Festival and Screenplay Competition was a huge success! It started off with an opening night party at Cinespace in Hollywood that went to the wee hours of the morning, then continued with a weekend full of horror/sci fi films and screenplays! The festival was held at Raleigh Studios from 10-10 both Sat and Sun and concluded with an awards ceremony at the end. Cash, product awards, and trophies were given out.

The winners are:

Best Horror Feature Film: "Dead and Breakfast" directed Directed (Matthew Leutwyler)

Best SciFi Feature Film: "Tales From Beyond" Directed by Josh Austin, Nate Barlow, Eric Manning, Russell Scott)

Best Horror Short Film: "Roadside Attractions" Directed by CJ Roy)

2nd place Horror Short Film: "A Visit From the Sergeant Major With Unintended Consequences" Directed by Don Hannah

3rd place Horror Short Film: "Husk" Directed by Brett Simmons)

Best SciFi Short Film: "A Can of Paint" Written by Winston Engle)

2nd Place SciFi Short Film: "Perfect Sec-Illusion" Directed by Jeremy Pollack)

Best Super Short Film: "The G.I" Directed by Mike Nelson

2nd place Super Short Film: "Sawbones" Directed by Brad Palmer

Fan Favorite: "Roadside Attractions" Directed by CJ Roy)

Shriekfest Award: James Kassier & his film "Deja Vu Deception"

Best "Under 18" Film: "Semi-Colon" Directed by Matt Porter

Best "Under 18" Screenplay: "Safe in the House" Written by Katherine Morton

Best Horror Feature Screenplay: "Retard" Written by (Christopher Alan Broadstone)

Best SciFi Feature Screenplay: "First Born" Written by Michael C. McPherson)

2nd Place Horror Feature Screenplay: "Scary Larry" Written by Hamilton Underwood

2nd Place SciFi Feature Screenplay: "The Burnout" Written by Phil Clarke Jr.

Best Short Screenplay: "Still Life" Written by Charles Johnston

2nd Place Short Screenplay: "Outside the Lines" Written by John Sullivan

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