American Gem Announces Top 26 Short Screenplays
By American Gem
Sep 3, 2004, 14:57

American Gem Announces top 26 Short Screenplays

American Gem is pleased to announce the 26 semifinalists in the 2004 American Gem Short Script Competition. American Gem's 3rd annual Competition attracted a total of 978 entries. The 10 finalists will be announced on September 10, 2004.

THE 26 SEMIFINALISTS ARE: (in alphabetical order

50 ACROSS Written by Ita Margalit
BETH OUT OF BREATH Written by Mary R. Sawyer
BIG DOG Written by Roy McMullen Jr.
BLIND FAITH Written by Tim Cairo
DI LAO HELL PRISON Written by Duane Edwards

DOG DREAMS Written by Dru E. Vratil
DOPPELGANGER: KAYL'S DESIRE Written by Theonnye Shelto
FILTHY CLEAN Written by David N. Ray
GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY Written by Nicole L. Williams
HOME SWEET HOME Written by Eric Johnson

HOPE IS RED Written by Jennifer Grant
JUST A GIRL Written by Lilly Scourtis
LIBERTY, LOS ANGELES Written by Laura Behary
MAYFIELD JESTER Written by Angela Schwendiman
MEET ME BY THE BRIDGE Written by Brendan Gore

MERLYX'S WORD Written by Brad Neubauer
PROMISES KEPT Written by Jason W. Camp
RE-ENTRY Written by Fred Keating
REPLICA Written by Erwann Marshall and Amanda Hartrey
SHADES OF GRAY Written by John Rhym

SPECIAL NIGHT Written by Gregorio R. Vgaz
STEPPIN' OUT Written by Al Michael Farin
THE CHRISTMAS CARD Written by Marc Calderwood
THE CONSORT Written by P. Harris Seeley
UNKNOWN PRESENCE Written by Tina Velez
WONDERFUL IN WATTS Written by Mathew Tucker

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