New Film Producers Attached to “Hollywood Connections 2004” Screenwriting Competition
By The Monterey County Film Commission
Feb 22, 2004, 03:05

“The Little Contest with Big Hollywood Connections,” sponsored by the Monterey County Film Commission

MONTEREY, CA – Two more noted film producers have agreed to meet and read the scripts of top winners in the “Hollywood Connections 2004” Screenwriting Competition, sponsored by the Monterey County Film Commission.

The ninth annual competition is designed to provide the exposure and connections that beginning and unsold screenwriters need to get their screenplays noticed and sold in Hollywood.

Producer Sarah Ryan Black, who is currently working in a project with BC Films, has signed on to assist with reading winning scripts and meeting with a contest winner. As director of development her credits include The Breakfast Club (A&M Films), Milagro Beanfield War (Wildwood Films), Breaking In and Fried Green Tomatoes (Act lll).

Producer Jeff Maynard with Gold Pictures, Inc., also has agreed to assist contest winners in Hollywood. He has a comprehensive background in motion picture and television production.

Other top film industry professionals who are lending their expertise to the “Hollywood Connections 2004” competition winners in Los Angeles include Joel Freeman, producer of the movies Love at First Bite and Shaft; Michael Hertzberg (producer, Entrapment), Dr. Linda Seger (author, script consultant), Jeremiah Hahn (literary agent), and Dror Soref (writer/director).

Other awards offered in the contest:

An "Artistic Talent Award” goes to a screenwriter who shows great artistic potential. The prize is a $1,000 grant to the Maine Photographic Screenwriters Workshop.

A bonus $1,000 “Monterey County On Location Award” also will be given in recognition of an outstanding screenplay that includes at least 75% Monterey County settings.

This year’s newest recognition is the “Emerging Talent Award,” to be awarded for a script that shows the most promise and potential. The screenwriter will receive a script consultation from noted author and screenwriting consultant Dr. Linda Seger.

The Monterey County Film Commission Screenwriting Competition has evolved into a premier screenwriting contest, notable for providing second-round readers’ comments. The competition is designed to encourage screenwriters and to promote them to Hollywood.

Submissions must be full-length film or television movie scripts between 90 and 120 pages in length, and must not have been optioned or sold at the time of submission. Entry fee is $35 per script for early entries postmarked by March 1, 2004; $45 per script for those postmarked by the final deadline of April 1, 2004.

Complete rules and an application form may be downloaded at The Monterey County Film Commission is a non-profit organization working to bring film projects to local sites and provide supporting educational opportunities related to the film industry. For further information, call 831-646-0910 or email at

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