Renderyard 1 Minute Challenge
By Renderyard
Nov 22, 2007, 14:09

Renderyard Film Competition 1 Minute Challenge

We are very pleased to announce a new global film challenge on the Renderyard web site. The 1 minute film challenge is for filmmakers to produce an origional and imaginative film that works within the confines of sixty secounds. The catergorys for submiting your film are Film Animation Documentary Machinimia Experimental Title Sequence Film Clip Ident Advert.

Each month we will show the best film sent to us which will stay on the web site for a year. At the end of the year the best 12 selected films will be judged by a panel of filmmakers and selected judges from around the world to choose the winning film which Renderyard will then work with the director to produce there next short film and host it on our web site as well as featuring it in the Renderyard Film Festival.

You can submit as many films as you like. There is a 5 fee per film submission, Your film must be no longer than 1 minute in length.


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