Casting Calls -
By The SWS Crew
Feb 26, 2007, 09:39

We are ramping up for a new horror short. We need a few actors and actresses for this one. Auditions/Script Sides will be announced soon ≠ will occur sometime in mid March. We will be filming throughout April. Locations will be around San Diego, Fallbrook and possibly Los Angeles. Some pay plus copy/credit/meals for all roles.

Project Title: Sustenance
Genre: Horror
Length: 20-25 minutes
Synopsis: A beautiful fashion model volunteers for an experimental weight loss program which turns out to be trap devised by an evil doctor who is searching for unwilling research subjects.

Film Date: April ≠ TBA

If you are interested in a role, please send a headshot/resume to We will contact you when Auditions are announced.


DR. FOUGH ≠ Male, 30ís. Lead. Best described as Johnny Deppís Willy Wonka of Plastic Surgery. Quirky, Intelligent, appears absent minded but is really always plotting something. He always enjoys educating his patients on his surgical procedures. He is the alter-ego / physical appearance of Dr. Phobia.

HEATHER ≠ Female, 20ís. Supporting. A supermodel that only seems concerned about her looks and the money that they earn her. She has eagerly signed up for an experimental weight loss surgery in hopes of keeping her modeling contacts. She has chosen a double bacon cheeseburger as her last meal.

SUBJECT 280 - A female, 18 years or older. Extra. She is held hostage in a medical prison cell while she screams her lungs out.

SUBJECT 118 ≠ A female, 18 years or older. Extra, non-speaking. A broken spirit, now she just sits in a corner sobbing. Has a large surgical scar running along her back. Partial rear nudity / special effects makeup required.

WAITRESS ≠ Female, teens-20ís. Extra. Basically just checks on the customers.

KARISSA ≠ Female, late teens. Supporting. A slender, energetic girl who is eager to get weight-loss surgery even though she clearly doesnít need it.

MRS. GREEN - Female, heavy set, late 30ís ≠ 40ís.
Supporting. A middle-aged woman who is struggling with her weight and decides to undergo an experimental medical procedure.

RESEARCH SUBJECTS ≠ Several females needed as extras. Will be briefly seen crying, screaming and pacing around isolation cells. Effects Makeup and Full/Partial Nudity Optional.

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