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Feb 6, 2006, 16:00

Cast in Los Angeles | Released In Los Angeles
Non-Union Play | Starts: 3/15/06
Producer: Atwater Playhouse
Author: Jamie Paolinetti
Director: Jamie Paolinetti, Denise Cambell
Rehearsals Start: 2/1/06 to open
Performance Dates: 3/15/06 - 4/15/06
Pay Rate: no pay

Electronic Submissions Emai: or
Written Submissions to:
3371 Glendale blvd - Unit 145
LA, 90039
Submissions Due By: asap

Isabelle - Lead / FEMALE / 22 TO 25
Isabelle, 22-25 is an intelligent, sexy young woman and an extremely gifted writer who is nearly finished with her MFA. The actress must be able to bring an aura of polished sophistication to the character. Whether she admits it to herself or not, Isabelle has developed very strong feelings for her married professor, Michael who is her mentor in the program. She struggles with matters of guilt, denial and her own morals, while trying to handle her feelings. She is obviously very close to Michael, but unsure if he harbors any romantic feelings toward her. Isabelle is a central character in the play.

Story Line: The title of the piece is, “I Do” and it explores the many problems that arise when men and women interact as, “friends”. Issues of personal responsibility and accountability are explored as the play examines what happens when a third person enters the picture in a committed relationship. Every character represents a different perspective on this very timely subject.
“I Do” will run Friday and Sat nights at the new, Atwater Playhouse for four weeks beginning in March. There is no pay.
Please submit headshot, resume and contact info to be considered for an audition.


Cast in Los Angeles | Released In Los Angeles
Non-Union Graduate Student Project | Starts: March 20-26th | Loc: Ventura, CA
Exec. Producer: Scotty Eagleton
Co-Exec. Producer: Miles Jewell
Supervising Producer: Craig Pickerill
Producer: Gary Romey
Writer: Miles Jewell/ Craig Pickerill
Director: Miles Jewell
Format: HD
Casting Director: Christina Castro
Audition Dates: Feb26 to March 7
Callback Dates: TBA

Electronic Submissions Only

Submissions Due By: End of Feb

Red EYE - Featured / MALE OR FEMALE / 30 TO 40 / 5' 6" - 6' 4" / Mob Boss
Required Skills - Dialects: Italian
Red EYE is man in charge. He runs most of Capones small operations around Chicago including money laundering and assassinations.

Ahnoush - Co-Star / MALE / 30 TO 36 / 5' 3" - 5' 11" / Mediterranean, Middle Eastern / Armenian Mob Hit man
Required Skills - Dialects: Middle Eastern
Helpful Skills - Armenian accent and heritage
Ahnoush is a mob hit man for Al Capone. A stylish dresser and clean appearance, although very dishonest and sly. He is the main characters nemesis.

Warum - Lead / MALE / 26 TO 30 / 5' 6" - 6' 1" / A poor Scottish man from the old country
Required Skills - Dialects: Scottish
Helpful Skills - must have good accent
Warum is a kind hearted family man, with a pregnant wife a strong work ethic. Coming to America from Scotland, he is trying to provide for his family.

Sarah - Co-Star / FEMALE / 20 TO 25 / 5' 1" - 5' 7" / Main Characters Wife
Required Skills - Dialects: Irish, Scottish
Helpful Skills - must have accent and charming demeanor
Sarah is a strong and lovable wife. She is not able to hold a job due to her pregnancy so she remains an emotional support for her husband.

Police Officer - Cameo / MALE / 25 TO 50 / 5' 6" - 6' 3" / Caucasian / Foils mob plans and take the ending
Helpful Skills - police background

Mr. Shu - Featured / MALE / 26 TO 50 / 5' 0" - 5' 8" / Chinese / Owner of mob front (laundry store)
Required Skills - Dialects: Chinese; Languages: Chinese
Helpful Skills - accent and language skills
Mr. Shu and his wife run a laundry factory as a front for the Mob too deal in illegal goods.

Mrs. Shu - Featured / FEMALE / 25 TO 50 / 4' 11" - 5' 8" / Chinese / Mr Shu's accomplice
Required Skills - Dialects: Chinese; Languages: Chinese
Helpful Skills - accent and language skills
Her and her husband's own a laundry business which is a front for the mob to deal with illegal goods

Shoe Shine Boy - Cameo / MALE / 6 TO 11 / 3' 0" - 4' 5"
Helpful Skills - Chicago accent!!!! shine shoes!!!
Shoe shine boy helps main character along his journey for a brief time (is a speaking role)

Gramps - MALE / 60 TO 80 / 5' 5" - 6' 4"
Helpful Skills - telling stories/ rambling
Gramps runs the L train station and loves to get his word in to any one who is near by to listen.

Story Line: Set in 1930s Chicago, a man struggles to find work in the depression.
Unknowingly involves himself with the mob while looking for a job. Through his adventure he comes across a colorful cast of characters and journey mishaps and fortunes. This is a lighthearted look at the times and people that made up America.
Production: Desidero Anima (Short Film)
Employer: Sayre-Peterson Production
Location: Los Angles
Duration: 4 days, starts March 2, 2006


Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
Non-Union. Director: Kayla Sayre-Peterson. Vampire, named Morgana, and her werewolf partner, Clay, stalk the streets of LA in the hopes of vanquishing crime and serving justice.
Need 2 Actors and 1 Actress

Student Director shooting an original short movie being shot on Mini DV

Apply to: Kayla Sayre-Peterson
Electronic Submissions Only
3 breakdowns:

1. Female / 18-24 yrs. / White. [Others like this]

Caucasian female, around 19 years old. Strong willed, cynical, and provocative. Preferably red haired and/or green eyes.

2. Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. [Others like this]

Male, around 30 years old. Greasy and unkempt. The villain.

3. Male / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. [Others like this]

Male, around 25 years old. Concerned for Morgana, ever watchful and always there when needed. Reliable companion.


Casting for 2 commercials.
Non Union.

2 Females. early 20's, exotic looks.

1 Latino Mafioso type. Heavy set.

1 Female, Latina young mom.

1 Male, Latino young dad.

1 Kid latino.

Send headshots and conflict to:


USC graduate project
Short "El Chisme"


Edward - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 26 / Hispanic
Edward is an innocent, loving young man. He is a dreamer with high morals and a caring attitude. Edward looks out for his mother and wants the best
for those he truly loves. He is an extremely diligent and hard worker who is often influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. He finds comfort in food. Edward doesn’t think twice about the gossip that tends to run rampant in his neighborhood (often centering around his mother) that is until it
directly affects him!

Please call the Producer Steven Wijaya = 608 628 9270 or send headshot to
his e-mail


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