35th Street Mission - Now Casting
By 35th Street Mission
Feb 6, 2006, 13:00 Sitcom Casting Call
35th Street Mission - Now Casting

0816 Productions is holding an Open Casting Call for Episode 2.03 of the series, 35th Street Mission. 35th Street Mission, filmed in Seattle, WA, is currently in production of its second season.

Accepting resumes and head shots until March 15th, 2006. Production shooting in April/May 2006. Visit the official website at: for more information or email

"35th Street Mission" is an, dramedy that examines how everyday people running a local neighborhood coffee shop react and handle life, and the challenges that come with it.

0816 Productions is an independent production studio comprised of creative volunteers, interested in the art of filmmaking. Today’s youths are faced with situations unheard or unspoken of in previous generations. Our artistic vision picks up where today’s television leaves of for fear of censorship. We are committed to exploring a topic however hard in a manner that resonates with our audience. Each episode of "35th Street Mission" is an artist evolution from the previous one, where the changes made are a reflection of the dynamic nature of our cast and crew.

1. All Compensation is Deferred.
2. All filming will done in or around the city of Seattle, WA.
3. 0816 Productions will not provide transportation to or from your audition and or production days.
4. Because of the large volume of emails that we receive we may not respond to every candidate.
5. All members of the production must be 18 years of age or older.
6. Every cast member will be considered an "independent contractor" , and will be responsible for reporting any income received from the sale of the film and or any other media in which actor's contract states they receive a portion of.
7. This is a "non-union" film and 0816 Productions does not have a relationship with any union groups. However, compensation rates will be set at or above the rates set by the Screen Actors Guild - Sag Indie program.


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