Morgan Freeman to Narrate World Premiere Discovery Channel Documentary RAMESES: WRATH OF GOD OR MAN?
By Amelia Zimmern & Katherine Nelson, Discovery Channel
Nov 23, 2004, 11:33

Two-Hour Original Documentary Airs Sunday, December 5; Features Recent Discovery by Dr. Kent Weeks

Silver Spring, MD -- Discovery Channel announced today that Oscar(R)-nominated actor Morgan Freeman will narrate RAMESES: WRATH OF GOD OR MAN?, which makes its world premiere on Sunday, December 5, from 9- 11 PM (ET/PT).

Kicking off EGYPT WEEK, the two-hour documentary features a recent discovery in tomb KV 5 in the Valley of the Kings by world-renowned Egyptologist Kent Weeks. Dr. Weeks has uncovered four skulls he believes could be the sons of Rameses the Great, including a skull that could be that of his firstborn son who is widely assumed to have been killed during the 10th plague described in Exodus. The skull in question shows signs of a violent death, leading experts to ponder, "Could Rameses' son have been killed not by the hand of God ... but by the hand of man?"

Says Mr. Freeman, "The subject matter is both fascinating and important ... that is why I wanted to be involved in this project."

To help learn the possible identity of the skull and its possible place in history, RAMESES: WRATH OF GOD OR MAN? showcases an investigation that utilizes a unique blend of archaeology, state-of-the-art digital technology and the latest in forensic science. The technology also allows for a re- creation of the possible face of Rameses' firstborn -- and comparisons with the forensic reconstruction of Rameses -- via craniofacial measurements and reconstruction. Further, the special delves into biblical aspects of the story, as Boston Globe journalist Charles Sennott traces the historical path of Exodus.

RAMESES: WRATH OF GOD OR MAN? is produced by Atlantic Productions for Discovery Channel. Anthony Geffen is the executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Jack Smith is executive producer.

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