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DREAMERS to be released on DVD & Video (12/3/02) 

The independent feature film DREAMERS will be released on December 3rd throughout the United States and Canada by Pathfinder Home Entertainment (Venice, CA).
Ann Lu DREAMERS is the American feature film debut of Chinese-born writer/director Ann Lu. The producer is Artie Glackin and the cinematography is by Neal L.Fredericks (“The Blair Witch Project,” “The Stonecutter”). The film is a low-key, caustic tale on the underside of Hollywood and was produced by Dark Lantern Pictures (Los Angeles, CA)

Starring Jeremy Jordan (“Never Been Kissed”), Mark Ballou (“In & Out”), Courtney Gains (“Sweet Home Alabama”), Portia Dawson (“New Suit”), Brian Krause (WB’s Charmed) and the last on screen performance of acclaimed cult director/actor Paul Bartel (“Eating Raoul”).

The VHS and special-edition DVD will both present DREAMERS in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1. This new digital widescreen transfer was created from a pristine 35mm low contrast print, made from the original camera negative. Ann and Neal supervised this transfer. The film’s soundtrack was taken from the original THX Dolby Surround Sound master.

DVD special features include an audio commentary by Ann and Neal, deleted scenes, “The Making of Dreamers Documentary,” theatrical trailer, TV spot, alternative versions of the theatrical poster, cast and filmmaker information, and a still photo gallery.

DREAMERS had a successful theatrical release in Los Angeles and San Francisco and was an official selection at 8 international film festivals including its
world premiere at the Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival.

"DREAMERS introduces a remarkable new talent in writer-director Ann Lu.  This
debut feature is tremendously impressive in its honesty, its refusal to cheat us with formulaic plot twists or ready-made insights." - LA Weekly - F.X. Feeney’s *PICK OF THE WEEK*

"DREAMERS represents a notable debut from Chinese native Ann Lu. Picture boasts visual poetry and unexpected irony ... lyrical sequences that are compelling in their unadorned honesty and ironic contrast." - Variety - Lael Loewenstein

"DREAMERS offers an unexpected debut feature from an emigrant from China, yet it benefits from the fresh perspective Ann Lu, who's been in America since
1993, brings to it." - Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas 

"Ann Lu's feature debut is refreshingly insightful. Lu paints L.A. as a puzzling portal to the world and her rich script and artful flourishes reveal a director with a very bright future." - New Times Los Angeles - Gregory Weinkauf

(DREAMERS is unrated and contains nudity, adult language and strong sexual


Pathfinder Home Entertainment (a division of Pathfinder Pictures)

Dark Lantern Pictures, Inc.
Email: Darklantern@earthlink.net

Dark Lantern Pictures is the Los Angeles-based production company of writer/director Ann Lu.

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