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Money Bread and Lust

Film Trailer

A woman is desperate for money and she attempts to sell flour as coke.

Running Time


50 M English


Screenwriter Derek Banner Producer
Derek Banner Derek Banner


Christy O'Neil has lost her job. She is several months behind on her rent and faces an eviction from her apartment. Her bank has shut down all her credit-accounts because she has too many debts. 

Desperate to find money, she steals a bag of flour from a local supermarket and attempts to sell the white powder as coke.
Production Company:

Phone: +45 32 961669

Web Address:
Cinematographer: Pouria Haroui
Music Composer: Massimo Locci
Editor: Derek Banner
Production Design:
Cast: Anita Lauridsen
Nanna Munk
Patrick Stalmans
Massimo Locci
Ali Kazim
Contact Name: Derek Banner
Contact Phone: +45 22120708
Contact Fax:
Film Agent: Derek Banner
Film Agent Phone: +45 22120708
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start: 4/10/2003
Production Year 2003
Budget: $10000
Film Format: DV
Film Format Ratio:
Film Sound: Dolby SR
Film Video Type: MiniDv, VHS
Number of Reels:

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet yes
International yes

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