Jason W. McKinnon


The Climb is a story about trust and faith in others. Cameron left home at a young age and the life he had planned didnít work out. After years away from his parents, he decided to return only to find that they had passed away in a tragic car accident. He was left alone to wander the streets again.

Destiny was raised in an extremely religious environment. During high school she met an artist who showed her a world of drugs and led her down a road her parents were ashamed of. She chose him over her parents. A decision she would regret forever after the day he drugged her and tattooed most of her face. A twisted art form that left her with no where to go.

The story follows the relationship between Cameron and Destiny a few years after these events. Both struggle through each day begging for change and escaping a brutal heat wave. Cameron has grown frustrated with his failed attempts to make his life better. Destiny has completely given up on herself. Even though she has no faith in others, she truly believes that Cameron will make it out someday. However, she believes no one will help him and that he will make it on his own. He maintains that you need peopleís help and that trust is vital to survive.

Both of their philosophies collide when his plan to get out is revealed and she is left with a choice to trust again or betray him and face her demons alone.

The Climb is about overcoming the challenges one faces. Itís about being determined to beat any obstacle you are faced with and doing whatever it takes to make things better.

Copyright 2007 Jason W. McKinnon
All Rights Reserved