Daniel Maree

Political Thriller

What’s in a name? For Tarif Hussein Hadi (Rare and beautiful one guiding to the right), nothing less than life itself.

While traveling on business, Tarif, a German citizen of Arab descent, is erroneously rendered by the CIA and taken to a secret detention center (“black site”) in Romania where he is brutally tortured and left to die in illegal isolation with nothing but his wedding band to connect him to the outside world.

When the government finally realizes his innocence and releases him, Tarif takes his case to the Supreme Court, who unanimously rules against him and in favor of the government for reasons of “national security”.

Tarif attempts to confide in his wife and family but is unable to overcome the rift that has grown between them due to the posttraumatic stress of his experience, which he continuously relives.

Already on the verge of suicide, Tarif resolves to take revenge after watching the President openly admit to the existence of several CIA black sites—what the media refers to as “The Black Umbrella”. Following instructions he finds on the Internet, Tarif builds a homemade bomb out of his small, black umbrella, which he plans to use to blow up the Supreme Court.

Barely making his way past security, Tarif takes an elevator to the grand courtroom. As the elevator doors open and Tarif prepares to trigger the umbrella, he is stopped dead in his tracks by “Breaking News” bulletins on the TV monitors in front of him.

A black umbrella bursts open in the rain as we flash forward to find Tarif, overcome with emotion, kneeling before the Supreme Court’s great precipice.

Flashback: On the monitors in front of Tarif reads, “Barack Hussein Obama…2008 U.S. Presidential Elections.” Tarif is inundated with tears as he contemplates the irony... “What’s in a name?”

Inspired by ongoing events, The Black Umbrella is a gripping political thriller about the hidden victims of the global “war on terror”, the tragic cost of national insecurity, and the unparalleled power of the human spirit to overcome injustice.

Copyright 2007 Daniel Maree
All Rights Reserved