Erica Soto


Gonzalo is a young, aspiring writer who falls in love every week. He’s struggling to find an ending to his latest story, so he calls his younger stepsister Sophia, who lives on the opposite coast, to ask for advice. Through their friendly, sibling banter, we learn that they have never met. Gonzalo’s father moved away and married Sophia’s mother, and since then, Gonzalo has not had a chance to meet his stepsister. Making matters even more complicated, her overprotective parents won’t let her go anywhere, fearful that her cancer will make her sick while she’s away from them. Gonzalo, who waits tables at a coffee shop, can barely make ends meet and can’t afford a trip out to the West Coast.

One afternoon at work, his ex-girlfriend Angela shows up, just as Gonzalo meets a beautiful new girl at the coffee shop. Upset, Angela claims to be pregnant and expects Gonzalo to help her out. Both faced with opportunities to mature, Gonzalo and Sophia decides to take life-changing risks, but each with a different outcome. Sophia finally makes the visit to New York, while Gonzalo, with some persuasion from Angela’s powerful father, decides to take responsibility for his actions. After Sophia falls ill, Gonzalo finds he must write an ending he never expected.

Copyright 2007 Erica Soto
All Rights Reserved