Perry T. Schwartz


SNAKE opens as the face of Snake, a beautiful woman in her late 20's, fills the screen as she dances in her usual slow sensual way. She rarely changes the speed of her dancing in spite of the tempo of the music but somehow she is always in sync. At first it seems she could be anywhere but slowly The Pines, a dimly lit strip bar is revealed. She is wearing a long dark satin nightgown with a lacy robe over it and very high spike heels. Several customers sit around the stage. Snake loves dancing and turning men on. Dollar bills are placed in the elastic band around her ankle. She doesn't wear the customary garter around her thigh because she doesn't permit the touching that some other girls permit. On the opposite end of the room is the bar with a few customers at the bar. A man is standing at the end of the bar by himself drinking a Pabst long neck and playing a blackjack machine. That man is Jim, Snakes lover and a college professor. . He's in his late forties and handsome in an odd way. She looks over to the corner of the bar and moves her hand toward her heart with her first two fingers extended, touches her left breast, then moves the fingers to her lips and blows a kiss toward the corner of the bar. Jim smiles at Snake and duplicates the signal Snake just made. She is his heart.

Their story unfolds through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards along with some non-linear cinematic story structure.

Snake on her first day at community college frantically barges into Dr. Jimís office. She canít find her classroom. In that moment, they are immediately struck with that something special spark of interest. As they get to know each other through Snakeís continued visits to his office a relationship begins to develop. They see a different world to explore in each other. During this exploration, they fall in blindly love. Snake loves learning about a world outside of strip bars and drugs. The underbelly of her world fascinates Jim. The bar life, the honesty of the people in the bars, and the drugs she introduces him to all begin to suck him in. This is very dangerous for both of them. Things start to collapse when Snake gets snared into a drug deal gone bad and a dealer/lover who wouldnít let her get away. Their love changes their lives and finally leads to unexpected disaster.

Copyright 2007 Perry T. Schwartz
All Rights Reserved