Brian W. Wright


Bob lay in a hospital bed dying of cancer. With a heavy heart, he bares his life's one regret to a The priest listens as Bob recalls that fateful day when a crazed gunman took hostages, Bob's wife and son, at a bank where Bob was manager.

The gunman orders Bob to the vault to get the money, but before he goes the gunman drops his It lands at Bob's feet. All he has to do is pick it up and the crisis is over, but he is frozen fear. The gunman snatches the gun back and Bob goes to the vault.

As Bob gathers the cash, the police storm the bank. When Bob returns, he sees all of the including his family are dead. Bob asks the priest to ask God to make right what he did months later Bob is healthy and back to work at a bank. While dropping loan documents at a customers farm, Bob discovers they have been taken hostage. He decides to take action. Bob rescues the family, he is shot and killed.

A police detective investigating the case has more questions than answers when it comes to Bob, when Bob's body disappears from the morgue. The detective tracks down the priest, shows him Bob's grave and a three month old obituary.

Only by exhuming the body will the truth come out.

Copyright 2007 Brian W. Wright
All Rights Reserved