Kristina Sisco Romero


Laura, a young aspiring actress, has been set up on a blind date by her agent to be the arm candy of Lou, a Hollywood movie star swamped by career threatening rumors, to the biggest award show of the season. The limo ride to the Shrine Auditorium reveals everything of Lou’s character and enlightens a nervous Laura of the world she is about to enter. Draped in Versace and armed with the promise of help in securing her the role in a Paramount film, Laura struggles against her conscience as she is offered the world. The hard and jaded Lou casually tries to hide his desperate attempt to secure his grand illusion of the evening—Laura as his new girlfriend. But when it becomes obvious that Lou’s intentions are also to play her as a pawn in his own game of advancement, the young actress’s choice becomes clear. Her rejection of his offer and thus rejection of her agent’s gift of an “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity could sacrifice everything she had hoped to become. Is her dignity worth that much?

Copyright 2007 Kristina Sisco Romero
All Rights Reserved