Dennis Michael Jones


Edward sees Cheyenne who seemingly wants out of an abusive relationship but can’t let go. He watches from afar as she suffers from Sonny’s wrath over and over again knowing he shouldn’t get involved. Time passes and, after noticing Sonny wasn’t around, Edward finally meets her and a relationship develops. Cheyenne’s rage, unbeknownst to Edward, surfaces quickly on a first date while in a restaurant bathroom after she sees another woman innocently smile at him. The relationship continues and she invites him to her house for a backyard bar-b-cue serving one of her down home meals. Edward, uneasy about eating something he has never tried before, eats slowly and then with gusto as the meal suddenly appeals to him. As time goes by, he sees a change in her attitude. A neighbor, Pat, has suffered Cheyenne’s rage before as she quickly bows down to her domineeringly persona. Cheyenne becomes quick-tempered and verbally abusive toward Edward and the relationship slowly sours. As he attempts to make love to her, an untimely interruption proves to be her undoing as she erupts into a raging volcano wanting to kill Edward. She wrecks the house and police are called. Ultimately, after a search of the basement, Sonny’s body is found in a freezer totally disemboweled and flesh cut to the bone. Edward, suddenly realizing he has unwittingly consumed her former boyfriend, is shipped off to the hospital in excruciating pain. In the end, he realizes he can’t stand the sight of meat and he has resigned to the fact that he will now become a vegetarian.

Copyright 2007 Dennis Michael Jones
All Rights Reserved