Jay Deas


Professional boxer Terrence Jackson has it all. Good looks, great skills, a caring coach and a supportive wife. He’s undefeated and is seen as the next big thing in boxing. When he fights for the title against longtime champ Benton Payne, however, it all comes crashing down.

Seconds away from certain victory, Terrence is knocked out. The reason? Lack of killer instinct. He showed mercy and didn’t finish Payne off when he had the chance.

Soon Terrence drops his trainer and signs with the notorious Benny Torres. The change is immediate. Terrence goes from stylish boxer to brutal slugger. Benny teaches him every illegal, dirty trick in the book. Terrence is like a sponge, taking it all in. He wants the title so bad he’s willing to do anything to win.

With his new-found killer instinct, Terrence’s career soars but his personal life crumbles. He’s a changed man inside the ring and out. He fights constantly with his wife Vanessa. Too much money. Too much fame. Too much Benny.

In his rematch for the title, Benny tampers with Terrence’s gloves. He’ll hit a lot harder now. Vanessa sees what’s happening, protests and leaves. Good riddance as far as Benny’s concerned. Got a job to do. Terrence has mixed emotions about all this.

Terrence destroys Payne in one round in front of a wild hometown celebratory crowd. He’s huge. A star. Everything he ever wanted.

He returns home to patch things up with Vanessa. Too late. She’s packed and on her way out. He tries to change her mind but soon they’re in a huge fight. She slaps him and before he knows what he’s done, he’s hit her with a Benny-taught (illegal) punch. She falls, dead.

Reality sets in. He’s killed his wife. In a fit of rage he throws a chair through the window. Grabs a gun and sits next to his wife on the floor. Stares at her. Everything is quiet except for the sound coming from the TV. It’s a replay of the fight. Cop cars pull up. Sirens wail. Blue and red lights reflect off the TV screen. BANG!! Terrence kills himself. Blood drips down the screen as the announcers rave about Terrence’s unlimited future.

Copyright 2007 Jay Deas
All Rights Reserved