Matt Stasi


Innocent When You Dream is the story of Katie and Bradley--A seemingly 'happily married' couple in middle America suburbia. On the surface Katie and Bradley have it all. Nice house, nice car, money in the bank--they're definitely doing a more than stellar job of "keeping up with the Jones's" But behind closed doors we see that things aren't anything like they seem. Katie, a loving wife, has grown bored of her well kept, pampered lifestyle. She's appreciative of all that she has, but with every her every whim being handed to her, she yearns for something more. Bradley, underneath his well composed, well respected demeanor, is a severely troubled husband who can't seem to trust Katie's heartfelt assurances of commitment. When Katie takes off to her weekly art lesson, Bradley's jealousy spins out of control leading him to the brink of insanity. Finally, it leaves him with a choice--Will he let his jealousy go or act on it's overpowering and commanding presence?

Copyright 2007 Matt Stasi
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