Drew Miller

Somewhere in a small nondescript town, Vincent adds his own touch to the art scene by painting murals on store windows in exchange for food, clothing or other essentials of day-to-day living.

Vincent’s newest customer, Anthony, can’t quite understand the seemingly abstract interpretation of his request for a picture of a “Suprema Pizza” embellished with images of tiny angels enjoying the pizza.

Other customers who have examples of Vincent’s genius painted upon their windows are quick to support Vincent’s suggestion to Anthony that Anthony must not look but “feel” what he is attempting to decipher.

Hoping to uncover the secret behind Vincent’s art, Anthony follows Vincent to his home, and inside the box of an old tractor trailer rig, Anthony feels, for the first time, one of Vincent’s masterworks as Vincent paints himself into his own painting.

Anthony is left to carry on as the unwitting protégé of Vincent as he instructs his own pupil to not merely look at the art, but “feel” it.

Copyright 2006 Drew Miller
All Rights Reserved