Meredith Rose

Captain Gabby Davis and her platoon of all-American enlisted soldiers are getting along just fine in the desert. They rarely encounter any living thing outside of their platoon, let alone any hostility. Which is starting to wear on the adrenaline junkies in the group, including Gabby herself, a mid-ranking female Army officer who aspires to be a great combat leader. But Gabby has enough trouble and hostility in her life, having to struggle everyday to prove herself a worthy leader in the eyes of the male officers above her who call all the shots from their air-conditioned offices, while she simultaneously tries to relate to the guys in her platoon as just another soldier in the field. Making matters worse, Gabby has fallen madly in love with the company’s medic. Who happens to be the only other woman in the platoon. Can she hide it from the other guys? Can she still do her job? Will she ever convince Colonel Heys to let her platoon see some action? Gabby stands in the middle of this swirling storm of controversy and contemporary issues, when all she wants to do is excel in her job and win the girl of her dreams. Just like any good American hero. In the meantime, Gabby and the majority of the guys in the platoon are content to play sand football, hang out, joke, gossip and guard a road in the middle of nowhere that no one ever uses. Until the day someone does come down that road. And everything changes.

In war, no ever gets what they want and nothing is what it seems.

Copyright 2006 Meredith Rose
All Rights Reserved